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Finding My Career in Aged Care

Finding My Career in Aged Care

Needing a Career Change? Joan's Journey into Aged Care has Brought Successful Results

Joan, a Macquarie Community College student, is about to finish her CHC33015 Certificate III in Individual Support. Growing up, Joan was very close to her grandparents and was devastated that she couldn’t be with them when they passed away in China. Her grandmother suffered from cancer and needed “palliative care”; Joan did not know what that meant at the time.

Working as an accountant, Joan wanted a change. A devoted mum of two young kids, Joan had very specific motivations for making the career change. A career in aged care offers stability and flexibility which are very important for work-life balance, especially with Joan wanting to spend more time with her family. Joan loves helping people and always wished to provide the care and quality of life to the elderly, people just like her own grandparents.

Will I Succeed in Aged Care?

For many aged care is not an obvious choice of career.

Some may have family or loved ones in aged care facilities or in a home care environment and would like to make a difference in the lives of others. Others may have a friend or family member who have completed an aged care course where a successful job outcome was achieved and decided to take the aged care journey also.

Whatever the motivation may be, the aged care industry boasts stable and high-growth, with an estimated industry growth of 6.4% yearly and currently 250,500 employed in the industry.

Established registered training organisations, such as Macquarie Community College, organise work placements for their aged care students, providing the opportunity to showcase their best skills and attitude to a potential employer. Joan has been successful in receiving a job offer from her work placement provider based on her hard work, knowledge and attitude.

“Making them comfortable is key,” said Joan, speaking about her work experience. “People skills are useful so the elderly know that you are there for them.”

According to aged care trainer, Rowie Del Rosario at Macquarie Community College, there are two things which determine whether you will be successful in this industry: passionand patience. Passion comes from having strong relationships in life, such as with parents who are aging, with children after becoming parents or even grandparents, and with observing people around who have needs. With relationships, the right attitude and training, people are able to develop patience.

“You learn to be patient and follow the procedures that are taught to you. There is a lot of manual work,” said Joan. “Don’t try to be a hero and end up hurting yourself. Worker smarter, not harder.”

Training is modelled on person-centred approach – to make every effort to fulfil the needs of elderly. This philosophy allows for individual care and support for the elderly clients offering quality of life and care.

Joan’s goal is to live a fulfilling life by helping others. She also wants to enrol in University for a Bachelor degree in Nursing. She’s studied Public Speaking as well to build her leadership skills. Having the confidence and prospects open to her, there is nothing that will hold Joan back.

If you are also looking for a career change in a growing industry, enrol in one of the many aged care courses that Macquarie Community College has on offer. Find out more by clicking here.

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