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Crochet: unlocking the power of mental yoga

Crochet: unlocking the power of mental yoga

While everyone appreciates crochet as a craft that has stood the test of time, most do not fully understand its potential. Akin to yoga or meditation, crochet is impressive in its benefits and is even considered the new 'mental yoga'.

The secret is in the repetitive activity. Crocheting releases stress, boosts concentration and calms the brain. Essentially, it helps us achieve mindfulness — the state of being we achieve when we are fully immersed in the present moment and taking a break from our everyday worries.

In essence, crocheting is a relaxing, mindful craft; it turns the brain away from unfocused thoughts and cycles of rumination or repetitive thinking where our inner chatter can regurgitate endlessly. Most people struggle with quieting their minds, but practicing mindfulness through simple, engaging, repetitive activity like crocheting teaches the brain and body to relax.

“I’ve loved being completely absorbed in a project and experiencing the a- ha moment. I’ve learnt how to let go and just ‘have a go’ without worrying about the end result. I’m not usually like that. I’m often extremely critical of my work, but crocheting has definitely had a positive impact on my life with a flow-on effect to other areas of my life,” says past student *Linda.

Macquarie Community College Crochet Tutor, Payal, says that most people give her a big smile when she tells them that she loves crocheting and teaching people how to crochet. They almost always go on to tell her about a treasured family item or one they always admired growing up. “I love the tactile nature of the craft, teaching it and meeting new people. And I’m so glad I went on a search for mindfulness, satisfaction and happiness and found it at the end of a crochet hook!”

Come along to our Crochet – Beginners class, starting in February 2018. There is also a Crochet – Intermediate class and a Crochet Bag and Basket Workshop for those who want more of a challenge.  Classes are fun. People are relaxed and happy because they are learning a beautiful craft, engaging with colour and finding their creativity. By the end of the class, you will experience mindfulness and learn how to create a family heirloom that you can be proud of.

“It may feel like you’re joining a class full of strangers,” says Payal, “But we’re a group of likeminded people who, more often than not, leave as good friends.”

Classes enrolling now!

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