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Changing Your Life with Basic Computer Skills

Changing Your Life with Basic Computer Skills

Having computer skills is now a fundamental part of life. Research from The Foundation for Young Australians has found that within the next five years, 90 percent of the workforce will need basic computer skills. This includes occupations from plumbing, to carpentry, to law. What's more, at least 50 percent of the workforce will need advanced computing skills such as configuring and building digital systems.

Learning how to use a computer is not as daunting as it might sound. Courses like ICT10115 Certificate I in Information, Digital Media and Technology – Computer Basics are designed for computer novices. They provide foundational computer knowledge, including how to produce Microsoft Word documents (word processing), how to use Mircosoft Excel (spreadsheets), and how to send and receive email.

Adult learning that changes lives

Macquarie Community College trainer, Liz Smyth, has been teaching basic computer classes in Mount Druitt in Sydney’s northwest for several years now.  “These courses make a big difference in a very short period of time,” she says. “Learning basic computer skills builds student confidence, develops communication and encourages a sense of community.Students engage enthusiastically in the learning, they encourage each other, arrive early and leave late… Sometimes they’ll even bring in morning tea to share!”

Jo-Anne, one of Liz’s students, had little experience with computers before joining the class. However, with her ability to learn quickly, she was able to help her fellow students. “She was a great help!” says Liz. “At one point we were having trouble with the internet and Jo-Anne said she had already gone on to troubleshoot. I was excited to hear that a student new to computers would take the initiative like that!”

Another student, Taeavai, had never switched a computer on prior to attending Liz’s class. Halfway through the course, he had not only purchased his own laptop, he was also showing the class a PowerPoint presentation he had created for his church. “I was blown away with his ability to use these programs in such a short time span,” says Liz.

Michael, who was also in the class, seemed to struggle when he first started. However, during the six-week course, Liz saw a great change. The supportive, nurturing environment that he found within the classroom made him feel comfortable and confident to grow his skills.

“It's rewarding for a trainer like me to see people develop skills in this way,” says Liz. “As they practise their new skills, they develop further. Eventually, they take more advanced computing courses and utilise their skills in their personal and work lives. I’m confident they have bright futures ahead of them.”

It’s time to take the plunge. Call us on 1300 845 888 to ask more about our computer basics course or enrol today: ICT10115 Certificate I in Information, Digital Media and Technology – Computer Basics.

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The right technologies, used in the right way, helps us better connect with each other — and better navigate our world!

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PHOTO: Liz with her Computer Basics students