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Refugee week 2024

Refugee Week 2024: Finding Freedom through Education 

Persecution and conflict continues to threaten families worldwide, forcing them to flee and seek refuge elsewhere. Refugee Week, celebrated yearly in June, stands as a reminder of the strength and courage that refugees put forth every day.  

At Macquarie Community College, we welcome students from diverse backgrounds, fostering a sense of community while imparting practical skills.

Refugee Week 2024 at Macquarie Community College

Refugee Week 2024 celebrates the theme “Finding Freedom”, emphasising family, resilience, strength, and unity.

This theme aims to shed light on how familial bonds can transform lives in adversity, highlighting the crucial role of family in fostering a sense of belonging. Refugees often find comfort in external support systems upon their arrival in Australia – supports that make the journey to safety possible. 

Never Stop Learning

At Macquarie Community College, we are committed to supporting refugees. Our motto is Never Stop Learning – because we believe that participating in quality life-long learning is transformational for people from all walks of life. Our vision is to develop stronger communities through the power of learning and connection. By building these communities, we offer refugees and students of all backgrounds a learning environment that fosters growth and builds practical, applicable skills.  

Several of our courses are aimed specifically at those looking to improve their English skills and build their confidence. English Language programs come in beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels.

Transforming Life through Education at Macquarie Community College

Denys Levchenko, an Ukrainian doctor who previously studied Advanced English at Macquarie Community College, can first hand testify to how the course allows for embracing of new opportunities.  

After he and his family moved to Australia from Ukraine, Denys decided he wanted to pursue his ultimate goal of becoming a doctor once again. He knew that improving his English proficiency was the first step. His wife too followed in his footsteps, also enrolling in an Advanced English course.

Now, Denys and his family work together in overcoming their language barriers and open themselves up to new opportunities. At Macquarie Community College they found themselves with access to a supportive network that held learning at the forefront.  

English speaking courses aside, Macquarie Community College also offers Get Job Ready programs. The range of courses includes improving employment readiness, increasing digital literacy, developing resume writing and interview skills and more. 

Courses help refugees build skills for work and gain confidence to enter the workforce. At Macquarie Community College, refugees find a supportive environment to settle into and explore new opportunities for themselves and their families.

Macquarie Community College empowers students to build happier, safer lives in Australia through our courses. We’re proud of the skillsets and confidence we foster in our students and continue to offer learning opportunities for all.