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Meet Tokasa, Certificate III in Early Childhood Graduate

Tokasa Thompson has recently completed Certificate III in Early Childhood remotely, opening up to a world of opportunities at Lord Howe Island.

Tokasa’s journey with Macquarie Community College began through remote study, showcases the college’s commitment to accessible education and personal growth.

Tokasa Thompson, CHC30121 Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care

From Housemaid to Educator: Tokasa’s Journey on Lord Howe Island

If you’re familiar with Lord Howe Island, you’re aware of its strict tourism limits for environmental protection. With about 350 residents, it recently opened its first preschool, providing families access to affordable, high-quality early childhood education.

Tokasa Thompson is a permanent resident of Lord Howe Island, previously having worked as a house maid and field officer for the island’s environmental team. The new preschool piqued her interest, so she began exploring studying early childhood. Tokasa reached out to Macquarie Community College intending to receive her CHC30121 Certificate III in Early Childhood, studying remotely to help accommodate the distance barriers faced by living on a remote island.

Tokasa has since completed her studies and received her Certificate III in Early Childhood, and her experience was nothing short of life changing. Macquarie Community College’s remote study option meant that Tokasa could receive her qualification without compromising on gaining any knowledge or experience.

“As a mature age student, living somewhere like Lord Howe Island made my experience studying very overwhelming. Despite this, I quickly realised how friendly and accommodating the Macquarie Community College team is. Everyone was so helpful and supportive”, says Tokasa.

Certificate lll in Early Childhood Education and Care at Macquarie Community College

The CHC30121 Certificate lll in Early Childhood Education and Care is provided by Macquarie Community College to equip students with the knowledge and qualifications to work with children in a variety of settings, such as preschools. Being able to obtain these learnings in such an approachable way gave Tokasa an invaluable skillset to work with.

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“My teacher was very professional. She was supportive and willing to answer all my questions, especially the technology-related ones. She also made sure to organise my placement to be based on Lord Howe Island, which was a great financial relief”, Tokasa says.

Tokasa’s experience with Macquarie Community College empowered her to continue studying as a mature student. Despite her location, she gained the knowledge to support island children and families.

“I have so many takeaways from this course. Now I work as an Early Childhood Educator on Lord Howe Island, and I’ve also improved my skills – technological, people, and nurturing skills… I have a desire to continue my studies, and also really cherish the new friendships that I have formed thanks to this course”, Tokasa concluded.

Tokasa’s story sheds light on life on Lord Howe Island and shows how goals can be achieved despite limitations.

Macquarie Community College team supports students like Tokasa to reach their full potential in an affordable, welcoming educational setting.