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Training People for the Most Important Job in the World

Most of her career, Heather has worked in Western Sydney with other nurses and carers, a high proportion of whom come from a migrant or refugee background.  Now as lead trainer in Community Services at Macquarie Community College, Heather is well-known and respected.  

Making a Real Difference

“I tell my students that looking after a person who’s in their last stage of life is one of the most important jobs in the world,”says Heather. “Some of these people have fought for Australia, and all of them have helped build and contribute to this country. It’s very satisfying to make a difference in their lives.”

Heather’s no-nonsense style, her directness in communicating, makes her a popular trainer of Aged or Disability Care courses at Macquarie Community College. Without mincing words, she gives her students a complete picture of their client’s needs and that there are more than just physical and technical aspects to caring.

“They have to know that while this is rewarding work, it can be very challenging and confronting at times.”

Positive Employment Outcomes for Students

Heather's success as a lead trainer is echoed in the positive feedback received from Aged Care and Disability providers. A high percentage of students from the College gain employment as a result and it’s not uncommon for some to be offered jobs before they’ve even completed their course.

Along with employing some of the best trainers in the industry, Macquarie Community College has recently initiated SKILLS4You, a program that provides migrant women with a career pathway into the communitry services industry, providing wraparound support services, improving employment readiness, capability, and work experience opportunities.

If you are interested working in Aged or Disability Care call Macquarie Community College today on 1300 845 888 or visit our website.

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