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Unlocking Learning and Support Opportunities at Macquarie Community College

As we mature, our passion for learning becomes more daunting, particularly for Sydney residents in suburban areas seeking accessible learning facilities. For Yan the decision to enrol in Macquarie Community College’s CHC33021 Certificate III in Individual Support was driven by both his desire for learning and the practicality of proximity to Epping Station. As Yan looked to save money on petrol and parking, the three-minute walk from Epping Station to Macquarie Community College was the deciding factor that tipped him over the line.

Yan Wong, Macquarie Community College CHC33021 Certificate III graduate

Convenient Learning and Educational Excellence at Macquarie Community College

After losing his job at Sydney Airport due to COVID-19, Yan became a part-time community assistant, transporting NDIS participants. This experience sparked his interest in understanding his passengers better.

“I was transporting a few kids with autism, but I found that I didn’t have the right experience to make sure I understood these kids and could support them as best as possible. I found myself itching to learn more about the disability space,” Yan said.

This curiosity and compassion led Yan to Macquarie Community College, where he found amazing learning opportunities. He settled on Cert III in Individual Support.

Fulfill Your Passion for Learning at Macquarie Community College: Exploring CHC33021 Certificate III in Individual Support (Ageing & Disability)

Another benefit of his studies at Macquarie Community College was his commute. The convenience of a three-minute walk from Epping Station to his class proved to be a huge perk.

“I definitely prefer to take the train. There’s no all-day parking around the campus, and the school is so close to the train station that I can’t complain. It certainly made getting to classes so much easier” Yan continued.

Personal Growth and Practical Experience After Completing Cert III in Individual Support

After completing his course, Yan is proud to say that his first patient was his father. He travelled back to Hong Kong to look after him, though he sadly passed away at age 94 from pneumonia.

Yan Wong about Macquarie Community College CHC33021 Certificate III in Individual Support course

Having completed his Cert III, Yan seeks more practical experience before returning to Macquarie Community College to complete the Certificate IV.

“It’s definitely a challenging career path. There’s a lot of different kinds of behavior, background, medical histories. I need to understand all to help the community better. I do feel as though my bottom line is to serve people, and both my studies and practical experience help me to do that,” he concluded.

Yan is currently working casually with Community Access and looking for jobs in NSW Health. Reflecting on his time at Macquarie Community College, Yan expresses gratitude for his education and upcoming opportunities.

Macquarie Community College team wishes Yan all the best and looks forward to seeing him again.