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What We Love about ‘Real’ Photography

What We Love about ‘Real’ Photography

Is there a better way to capture for all time the beauty, conflict and contrast of the world than through a camera lens? The best photography has deeply shocked, inspired action, struck awe, moved to tears, influenced policy, halted wars, summed up unforgettable moments.


Victory Day in Times Square – 1945


“Then suddenly, in a flash, I saw something white being grabbed.

I turned around and clicked the moment the sailor kissed the nurse.”

The ambition of every passionate photographer is to capture an exact expression or moment that says it all. It’s to find the most innocent, guileless, natural state of a subject. It’s to record the subtleties of a story that linger with a viewer. It’s to sum up intangibles, such as purity, tragedy, elation, drama and dilemma. It’s to capture the beauty and spontaneity of a moment that is beyond our control…

If you’re thinking of taking up the best hobby in the world, you will need to start learning!

Talent IS learnable but it takes time like anything else that is worth pursuing. These five things are great to get you started in the right direction:

1. Get yourself a DSLR camera. Read up about the best models in your price range and join online forums so that you can ask lots of questions and glean lots of tips from people who are already in the know.

2. Gather knowledge. You can start by watching YouTube clips and reading articles like this one, but when it comes to hands on, on-the-spot help with getting great photographs, do a short course with a skilled trainer, go on a photography excursion and learn ‘on the job’ with other enthusiasts.

3. Don’t just stick with one kind of photography. Whether you prefer seascapes, portrait photography, landscapes, or event photography, trying different types of photography will deepen your skill level and your creative ideas will overlap and influence each other.

4. Invest wisely. Before you purchase macro lenses, fancy tripods and filters, and full frame cameras, see how you go with less expensive, more basic equipment. Start by checking how invested you feel in the hobby before you invest everything in your wallet. Don’t fall prey to ‘gear’ envy!

5. Post-production is important, but it’s also important to exercise restraint. Post production software like Adobe Photoshop is indispensable in the production of a great photo. However, this requires subtlety and restraint. Photo-artists know when to stop ‘producing’ a photo and when to let a picture speak for itself. Do a course in photo editing and sharing to help you make the most of your images.

What subject do most people take photos of? Whether you’re into holiday pics, nature shots or photos of ancient character-filled faces, capturing a moment in time is always more satisfying when you know how to produce good photography.

There’s a course waiting just around the corner for you. Take your first step in what is bound to be a long, satisfying journey.

Call 1300 845 888or visit Macquarie Community College online and check out their Sydney-based photographic short courses:

1. Photography — Beginners DSLR

2. Photography — Intermediate DSLR

3. Photographic Digital Art

4. Photoshop for Photographers

5. Photography DSLR Introductory Workshop

6. Night Photography — City Lights

7. PLXR Digital Photo Editing and Sharing

8. Photography — Camera Craft — Getting the Most from your DSLR

9. Photographic Safari to Taronga Zoo