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The Benefits of Leisure, Fitness & Sport

The Benefits of Leisure, Fitness & Sport

What makes golfers spend three to four hours on the golf course every chance they can get? You have to wonder!

Is it because golfing gets you closer to nature? Maybe it’s the fresh air, the sound of birds in the trees and the ball plopping gently into a water trap.

Is it because golf is like the game of life? When you’re playing well, it goes too fast, but when you’re playing badly… mowing the lawn sounds good!

Is it because it’s a sport you can play at any skill level? Thanks to the handicap system, you can even be competitive as a beginner.

Whatever your reason for taking up golf, or any other sport for that matter, engaging in meaningful leisure improves mood, combats disease, boosts energy and develops community. What many people don’t realise, however, is that golf offers benefits that indoor exercise like gym classes and lifting weights cannot hope to provide.

Sports carried out in natural green environments have psychological benefits for Australians who spend way too much time inside and in built up urbanscapes.

Researchers have found that people who live in cities, work in offices, exercise indoors and pursue indoor leisure activities, have reduced mental well-being. They also have less opportunity to recover from mental stress, which has a flow on effect to their immune system. With the World Health Organisation predicting that depression-related illness will become the greatest source of ill-health by 2020, exercise in the beautiful green outdoors provides the answer.

Macquarie Community College also offers a wide range of fitness and sport courses like tennis, croquet and one of our most popular activities, bushwalking. They also have a variety of leisure courses such as photography, animal care, and house and garden DIY which can provide that much needed break from the indoors and keep you moving. There is also other benefits such as, keeping your mind active, learning new skills and the social aspect which is vital for a happy and heathy lifestyle.

Take the opportunity to expand your skillset, learn a sport, or explore our beautiful local forests, rivers and beaches. Enjoy a fun, creative atmosphere with like-minded people.

Why not call us on 1300 845 888, take a scroll through our numerous leisure courses, or check out our Winter Catalogue? Don’t put it off any longer, it's time to start living and never stop learning!