Tech Savvy Seniors - Introduction to Email: Part 2

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Tech Savvy Seniors – Introduction to Email: Part 2 – Sydney Course

Now that you have an email account set up and learned the basics of addressing and typing up emails, it’s time to learn some of the tricks and traps of using email. Did you know that you can send a single email to an infinite number of people at once, making it perfect for invitations and groups messages? And that when you send it, you can hide the names of the recipients? Or that you can set up an address book with groups for easy sending of multiple emails? There’s a rich world of features in email, and it’s worth taking time to get to know them.

Course Outline

  • In this workshop you’ll learn how to add email addresses to your Address Book and how to send group emails, as well as some handy hints and tips to help your manage your email Address Book. You’ll also get you first guide to the weird and wonderful world of email etiquette.

Course Outcome

  • You may be looking to follow-up what you learned in the Introduction to Email Part 1 workshop, or wanting to improve upon your existing understanding of email by exploring additional features. If so, this workshop is for you.

What to Bring

  • Notepad and pen
  • An internet-connected laptop or desktop computer - either your own or supplied by the workshop organisers. You may need to share a computer with others in the workshop.
  • An email account; either the Gmail account set up in the Introduction to Email Part 1 workshop, or another existing email account.

Prerequisite: Essential

  • Students need to have completed Introduction to Email – Part 1; or a have a basic knowledge of email.

Delivery Mode

  • Workshop is delivered in a computer room – involving a combination of teacher demonstration and practical work.

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