Tech Savvy Seniors - Introduction to Transport Apps

Tech Savvy Seniors - Introduction to Transport Apps

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Tech Savvy Seniors – Introduction to Transport Apps – Sydney Course

Do you drive a car? Do you take public transport?
Do you know the quickest way from one place to another by car? Are there delays? Tolls? An alternative?

For decades we’ve used public transport the same way. You’ve had to know which bus numbers to catch, which train line to use, which ferry to ride on. You needed to refer to a booklet, or ask around. You’d never know if your bus or train was running late, or if you’d missed a connection.

Travel apps help change all this by making getting around by car and on public transport much easier, faster and potentially cheaper. You can think of an app as your personal travel agent.

In this class, you will learn how to use popular apps and websites to plan a trip. You’ll never get lost again!

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Course Outline

In this workshop we will look at how to plan a trip using a PC or Mac and get around using your phone.

We will look different transport apps for trains, buses and other forms of public transport to get around using your smart device. Some activities within this course are optional.

Planning a trip on your PC or MAC using a web browser and using common websites including:


Getting around using popular Apps (depending on attendees' knowledge or requirements):

  • Google Maps
  • TripView
  • Toilet Map

Course Outcome

After this workshop you will be able to plan a trip by car or public transport and get around using apps on your smart device.

What to bring

Please bring:

  • Your own smart phone or tablet
  • An active Opal card to register on the website

What to know:

  • Your email address

If you want to install the apps on your smart device in the class:

  • Your Apple account (and password) if you have an iPhone or iPad
  • Your Google account (or Google ID) if you have an Android smartphone or tablet

An internet-connected laptop or desktop computer is provided by the workshop organisers so you can access the internet using a bigger screen. You may need to share a computer with others in the workshop.

Important Information

  • Include anything that might be specific for your specific course.
  • Other charges that might apply, cancellation policy in the event of bad weather etc.
  • This can be left blank if not relevant


  • You will know some smartphone functions, including how to use the touchscreen.
  • How to perform a web search using the smartphone’s inbuilt web browser.
  • How to perform a web search using a windows PC or laptop.
  • How to download and install an app from the phone’s app store.

It would be highly desirable to download any of these apps you might be interested in before the class if your smart device doesn’t already have them installed:

  • Google Maps
  • TripView
  • Toilet Map

Delivery Mode

Workshop is delivered in a computer room – involving a combination of teacher demonstration and practical work.

Course testimonials:

  • Monica said: Right at the start the tutor made me feel at ease. He told us there was no tests etc required to do. It was covered at a good pace and the tutor was happy to stay back if you have any queries.

  • Isagani said: I really enjoy and learn all about operations of the generation gadget its applications and usefulness.i will highly recommend this tech savvy seniors course to my friends and associates.