Aquafitness Classes

Aquafitness is a form of exercise that takes place in a swimming pool. It involves various physical activities and movements designed to improve cardiovascular fitness, strength, flexibility, and over
6 classes available

Aquafitness for Over 50's

Aquafitness for Over 50’s specifically caters for people aged over 50 years! Aquafitness is a form of exercise that takes place in a swimming pool. It involves various physical activities and mo
2 classes available

Beginners Tennis Lessons

Step into the world of tennis with our Beginners tennis Lessons! Enjoy individual attention from a professional Tennis coach in small classes which will help you learn the fundamentals of tennis. If y
4 classes available

Dru Yoga

Become healthier and stronger with Dru Yoga! Many everyday activities rely on using core muscle strength. Having a stronger core could mean better posture, balance and less injuries. Dru yoga seeks to
1 class available

Exercise Anywhere – No Excuses!

Save money and time by learning how to Exercise Anywhere with No Excuses! You don’t need to go to the gym, buy expensive equipment or join a sports team in order to exercise. We will outline exe
1 class available

Gentle Exercise – Fit for Life Dance Fitness

Dance your way to fitness with Gentle Exercise – Fit for Life Dance Fitness! This course invites you to enhance your agility, coordination, balance, flexibility, fitness level, and core muscle s
1 class available

Golf Lessons Beginners

Welcome to our Beginner Golf Lessons where you can fast-track your fundamental skills or delve into more advanced techniques! These are also the most affordable basic golf lessons in Sydney. From refi
2 classes available

Hatha Yoga

Gain strength, flexibility, muscle tone and improve your general wellbeing, while you learn to relax and concentrate with our Hatha Yoga classes! Hatha yoga uses a combination of breathing, exercise a
0 classes available

Hatha Yoga – Intermediate

Welcome to our Intermediate Hatha Yoga course where you build upon your fundamental yoga skills to improve your strength, flexibility, muscle tone and general well being. Whilst you learn to relax and
2 classes available

Introduction to Animal Flow®: The newest bodyweight movement system

Animal Flow® is a ground-based, bodyweight movement system designed to improve a range of skills including speed, power, endurance, flexibility, mobility, and stability — the idea being that you ca
0 classes available

Learn to Massage

This one day Learn to Massage workshop will illustrate the beneficial ways in which massage can proactively combat common ailments, relieve stress, dissolve muscle tension and improve circulation. We
1 class available

Pilates Classes

With our Pilates Classes you can learn the essence of the pilates and mindful exercise! Our classes embody the fundamental principles of pilates – breathing, flowing movement, stamina, concentration
3 classes available
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