Seniors Week 2020

Seniors Week at Macquarie Community College!

Celebrating Seniors Week – FREE taster classes at Macquarie Community College!

At Macquarie Community College, we strongly believe in lifelong learning! Each day during our Seniors Week event, we will have different FREE taster classes for you to take part in.

Have a look at our schedule below:

Monday 17 February

  • Computer Basics (3-4pm)
  • Jive, Cha Cha, Rhumba, Samba, Ballroom (3-4pm or 4-5pm)
  • Creative Writing – Introduction (3-4pm)
  • Candle Making (3-4pm)
  • How to Play Bridge (3-4pm)
  • How to Use Your Smartphone/Tablet (4-5pm)
  • Creative Writing – Short Form Poetry (4-5pm)
  • Flower Arrangement (4-5pm or 5-6pm)
  • Dru Yoga (4-5pm)
  • How to Use Social Media (5-6pm)
  • Creative Writing – Writing a Memoir (5-6pm)

    Tuesday 18 February

  • How to Use Social Media (3-4pm)
  • Creative Writing – Writing a Memoir (3-4pm)
  • Sewing – Introduction (3-4pm or 4-5pm)
  • Calligraphy (3-4pm or 4-5pm)
  • Computer Basics (4-5pm)
  • Breaking Bad Habits (4-5pm)
  • Transform Your Life (5-6pm)
  • How to Use Transport Apps (5-6pm)
  • Wine Appreciation (5-6pm)
  • Drawing (Please note, this class is 5:30-6:30pm)

    Plus, each day we will enjoy a cultural afternoon tea together! Come along and take part in some fun filled activities.

    Date: Monday 17 February to Tuesday 18 February
    Time: 3:00pm – 6:00pm
    Venue: MCC Carlingford, 263 Marsden Rd, Carlingford
    Register: Sign up for your free classes by completing the registration form or call 1300 845 888.

    Please note: Seniors Week is for people over 60 years old, Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islanders over the age of 50 or people over 50 that have a lifelong disability.