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2022 NCVER Survey: Macquarie Community College Students Achieve Great Employment Outcomes

2022 NCVER Survey: Macquarie Community College Students Achieve Great Employment Outcomes

We recently received results from the National Student Outcomes Survey and again we are so excited by the outcomes reported by graduate Students of Macquarie Community College.

It revealed that Macquarie Community College is helping more Australians find employment, while meeting an unprecedented workforce shortage across multiple sectors, through its tailored training programs.

Despite an historically low rate of unemployment in Australia (3.5%) many sectors are affected by a chronic skills shortage including aged care, disability support and childcare.

Of the 1.3 million people looking for work, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, there are many barriers to entering the workforce, including not having the necessary training, qualifications or experience.

Macquarie Community College is bridging this gap by assisting people in gaining the necessary skills and training to enter the workforce, upskill or transition to a new career.

85% of the students who graduated from a recent Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care class have gone on to gain employment in various related positions.

The 2022 National Student Outcomes Survey, conducted by NCVER into VET graduate outcomes and satisfaction, highlighted the success the College had in improving employment outcomes from its 2021 cohort of graduates with the following results:

Improved employment outcomes
  • 45.1% of surveyed students had improved employment status after training – an increase of over 6% on the previous year.
  • 30.9% were employed before training. Of these, 7.8% were employed at a higher skill level after training.
  • 69.1% were not employed before training. Of these, 32.8% were employed after training – up from 24.2% in 2021.
  • 50.9% were employed after training – up 7% on the previous year. Of these, 86.2% received at least one job-related benefit as a direct result of training.
Increased student satisfaction with training

The survey also revealed increased levels of satisfaction with the training overall, achieving the following results:

  • 92.8% of qualification completers were satisfied with their training overall – an increase of 1.5% on the previous year.
  • 91.0% would recommend Macquarie Community College to others – an improvement of 1.8%.
We are a High Performing Provider

These encouraging results showing high employment and satisfaction outcomes further affirm our purpose – to create and provide affordable and inclusive learning opportunities that meet the needs of individuals, organisations and communities.

Macquarie Community College was also recently recognised by the NSW Department of Education as a High Performing Provider for Smart and Skilled. This indicates that we adopt best practices as outlined in the NSW Quality Framework as well as continually scoring high on the NCVER surveys each year.

Fee-Free* Nationally Accredited Training – Enrolling Now

Under the NSW and Australian Government Fee-Free Vocational Education and Training Initiative, students may be eligible for FEE-FREE* nationally accredited training courses if they meet the eligibility criteria.

There are currently training places available for fee-free* nationally accredited training in English Language, Computing, Business, Aged and Disability Care, Child Care, and Hospitality.

If you're interested in learning more about the courses Macquarie Community College offers, please visit the website or call 1300 845 888.

*Eligibility criteria apply. This training is fully subsidised by the NSW and Australian Governments, and as a result your fee is determined through Training Services NSW formal eligibility criteria.

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