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Congratulations to our graduating Mount Druitt Ability Options class!

Congratulations to our graduating Mount Druitt Ability Options class!

CONGRATULATIONS to our Mt Druitt Ability Options class, who graduated from their Computer Basics course(ICT10115 Certificate I in Information, Digital Media and Technology) last month.

One of Macquarie Community College's core values is RESPECT – we recognise and support the rights, differences and dignity of students, staff and community members. That's why we love aligning with Ability Options, an organisation that helps people with disabilities to achieve their aspirations and be included in the community.

Overcoming barriers to become graduates

We are so proud of our graduating Computer Basics class, as they have overcome numerous social and physical barriers in order to attend and complete this course. One student has severe sight issues, whilst another has been dealing with major health issues that sees him regularly being admitted in and out of hospital.

Throughout all their various challenges, all 10 students have each completed their course with competencies in every unit. As with most groups from Ability Options, the students are quick to form strong bonds with one another and a 'team spirit' is formed. This Computer Basics course is only for six weeks, so sadly it all ends rather quickly. However, the tight bond formed by these students means they now meet up on Wednesdays at the food pantry in the adjoining church to have a brief catch up with each other.

Computer courses suitable for everyone

Macquarie Community College's computer courses are open to all adults, no matter what your level of experience and ability. We offer classes in the following areas below. Enrol now or join the waiting list!