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Check out the Term 3 catalogue!

Check out the Term 3 catalogue!

The Term 3 Catalogue for Macquarie Community College is out now! There's hundreds of courses available again this term, including lots of new courses plus all your favourites are back. Check out what's on offer in Term 3 today!

Try one of our new courses – here's a taste of what's on offer:

1. Resin Workshop – Explore some of the many ways resin can be used to produce gorgeous, glossy, flowing designs. You will come away with 3 of very own one-of-a-kind pieces of resin artwork on different surfaces – a canvas, a cheese board and a piece of jewellery. 
2. Life Purpose – In our busy lives, it's easy to just 'go through the motions' and be pulled in every direction. Discover your life purpose in this short 4 week course and start living a more meaningful life.
3. Closing the Wealth Gap for Women – Many women continue to earn less than men at work, resulting in a ‘Gender Wealth Gap’. This can seriously impair a woman’s ability to have the life they want, and more importantly, deserve. With no confusing jargon, you will learn effective strategies that all women, at any stage of life, can take today to beat the Gender Wealth Gap.
4. Seasonal Flower Arrangement – Learn how to use seasonal blooms to create beautiful flower arrangements for your home, family or friends! Flowers will be arranged in a variety of ways using ceramic pots, vases, natives and modern textured wrapping techniques. Short courses available for Winter flowers and Spring flowers.
5. Personal Finance 101: What They Didn't Teach you About Money at School – Few people are taught how to manage and grow their money effectively. You can beat the system! With no confusing jargon, this course will teach you what you should have learnt about money at school to help you secure your financial future.

6. Basic Drawing in One Day – This one day workshop will introduce you to the basic principles of drawing. Throughout the workshop, you will learn techniques from still life to simple landscapes.

7. Survival Kit for Investors – There's so much choice nowadays of where you can invest your hard earned money. This course explores  many difficult issues faced by modern-day investors and seeks to provide you with information to help you make better investment decisions.

8. Build a Side Business – Could you do with an extra $1000 a month? Learn the best way to make extra money in Sydney with our 'Build a Side Business' course.

9. Business Storytelling – This business communication course will teach you how to harness the power of a good story to influence colleagues, team members, clients and customers, stakeholders, sponsors and funders.

10. Effective Communication for Managers – Learn how to be more effective in your role by becoming more knowledgeable and skilled as a communicator.

11. Turbocharge your Sales and Marketing – gain the skill, latest knowledge and confidence to turbocharge your sales and marketing. This course is fee-free for small business owners. Eligibility conditions apply.  
12. New bushwalk adventures – Our bushwalking expert, Greg Williams, has devised 4 new bushwalks. This term, we visit the Sphinx Circuit (Bushwalk 1), Ridges of Berowra Valley (Bushwalk 2), The Pindar Wilderness (Bushwalk 3), Shark Bay (Bushwalk 4) or you can try them all at a discounted rate with the Sunday Adventure Bushwalks Package.  

You can view the whole catalogue or find out more about each course on our website by simply typing in the name of the course in our search bar at the top of the page.