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Student Testimonial - SEE Program

Student Testimonial – SEE Program

Student Testimonial:

I just wanted to say Thank You/Muchas Gracias for all the support I received during the weeks I took the course at Macquarie Community College. Meeting my teachers was really inspiring and I deeply admire their commitment to empower people that are going through the journey of seeking work.

I understand how difficult it might have been to deliver a curricula to a very diverse group of students, I could see on occasions what a challenge that was, as not everyone had the same goals and aspirations. I will always remember each of my fellow students, particularly the ones I got to know better.

After approximately 120 job applications and 5 agonising months of unemployment, I have been selected amongst 184 candidates for an Administration role at a major Sydney University. Often I felt really depleted and disappointed after so many rejections, however going to classes gave me some encouragement and insight into what I was capable of and realising what natural skills I had the ability to excel in.

I am so relieved this painful journey has ended, I am really happy and looking forward to learning new skills, although, I must say, I am feeling nervous and apprehensive. Thank you so much to both my teachers for all your efforts, you must know that I truly admire your professionalism and motivation to help and mentor all of us. You both have a heart of gold!

Wishing you all the very best.



Macquarie Community College appreciates great feedback like this from its students. This is why we love educating and supporting our Sydney suburban community.

We have many English courses available to help you improve your English for work and study.

Whatever your current ability, our highly trained instructors can help. Our class sizes are small and we focus our courses on these key areas:

  • Pronunciation
  • Grammar
  • Reading and understanding
  • Writing
  • Listening

English classes available

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