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Make Travelling The World Easier - Learn The Lingos

Make Travelling The World Easier – Learn The Lingos

Learning Foreign Languages in Sydney can be affordable and easy!

We’re heading into another Aussie winter and you're planning your escape to warmer climates. Overseas holiday — here we come!

Booked flights  ☑️

Planned itinerary  ☑️

Purchase cheap t-shirts at destination  ☑️

Bought Birkenstocks because sales assistant says they’ve made a fashion comeback ☑️

Learnt the language????

What’s next?

Find the best apps to make planning easier now and travel easier once you’re abroad. Apps like Trip It to help you plan your trip, Travel List to get your packing right, Kayak for fast comparison of travel sites, GateGuru to manage your travel days, WhatsApp Messenger for staying in touch, ICE in case of emergencies, Mint to organise your finances, Food Spotting to find the best dishes, Google Maps to explore new places, and a selection of local travel and train apps suggested by your internet service provider as soon as you switch your phone off flight mode.

But have you thought about learning the language?

Relying on Google Translate or an old fashioned phrase book is way too awkward in everyday situations and much too slow when it comes to urgent ones. Furthermore, being a foreigner in a country where you don’t know any of the language can be pretty embarrassing! Picture the scenario:

1.     The stranger you’ve asked for directions suggests the only three languages he knows, none of which are English! You can only speak English.

2.     You’ve been memorising a phrase you looked up on Google Translate and finally get a chance to use it. But then you realise you’ve been learning French — and you’re in Italy!

3.     Everyone’s laughing, except you.

4.     A beautiful stranger says hello.

5.     When you see the startled face of the guy behind the counter, you realise that instead of saying, “And this is my husband,” you’ve actually said, “And you are my husband.”.

You’re lucky you’re an English speaker. English is the international language of tourism so you’ll almost always find a travel guide, and almost always find a local who can speak a smattering of English.

But why not learn Spanish in Sydney before you fly out? Or ItalianMandarinFrenchKorean, Japanese or German?

With at least some knowledge of the language, you can venture off the beaten track, enjoy the broader, more cultural experience, and know how to get yourself out of trouble. By learning the most important phrases and practising your pronunciation you will have the following advantages: A) The locals won’t think you’re a rude, entitled tourist, and B) Repeat Advantage ‘A’ because if the locals like you, you're likely to have more fun!

Eight-week beginners, intermediate and advanced language courses

Travellers make the best language learners. They’re keen to learn, have an insatiable thirst for sharing travel tips and understanding foreign cultures, and are always super friendly!

Start with an 8-week Beginners’ course. Suitable for absolute novices, you will practise your new language but all explanations will be in English. You will also learn the most important customs and cultures so that you don’t offend anyone while having the time of your life!

* Intermediate and Advanced Level courses are also available for the seasoned travellers or those with previous knowledge of the language.

To view our full range of courses, visit our foreign language course pageor call 1300 845 888