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MCC’s Teaching Excellence Awards and Anniversary Awards 2020

Photo: (Top) Winners and finalists of the Teaching Excellence Awards with MCC Board Members. (Middle) Recipients of the Anniversary Awards. (Bottom) Attendees

This week we held a Covid-safe event for our Teaching Excellence Awards and Anniversary Awards. We had a great group of people attend our event on campus as well as online over Zoom.

We celebrated the amazing efforts that our teachers have gone to this year, in order to bring quality training to our students in a year of constant change. Congratulations to all our finalists, award winners and anniversary award recipients!

Anniversary Awards

Please join us in celebrating the commitment and dedication of:

30 years
15 years
10 years
  • Malcolm Harrison – Corporate Services
5 Years
  • Stuart Bastock – Head of Training
  • Mitchelle Chadda – LLN/VET Foundation Skills
  • Theresa Collignon – Chief Executive Officer
  • Melissa Johnson – Program Co-ordinator, Leisure and Self Improvement
  • Pradeep Khushalani – Chief Financial Officer and Company Secretary
  • Reina Kobayashi – Training Administration
  • Louise Maitland – Flower Arrangement
  • Sandra McKinney – Manager, Marketing, Sales and Service
  • Michelle Slough – Aquafitness
  • David Vasey – Tech Savvy Seniors

2020 Teaching Excellence Awards

The 2020 Awards recognise the excellence and exceptional performance of our teaching staff in this year of unprecedented change and challenge in each of our program delivery areas:

Nominations were based on:

  • Demonstrating the values of Macquarie Community College
  • Contribution to the success of the College
  • Retention, progression and completion of students
  • Available feedback from students, staff and other stakeholders
  • Examples of going above and beyond the expectations of the role
  • Examples of innovation and flexibility in meeting the exceptional challenges of 2020

We received a great response to this year’s nominations process – a terrific cross section of nominees across our diverse program areas, teaching locations and time (1 – 20+ years) with the College. After a challenging selection process, we are very pleased to announce the finalists and winners of the Teaching Excellence Awards:

Vocational Education and Training qualification programs
  • Sue Bryant – Early Childhood Education and Care
  • Magda Rosandi – Early Childhood Education and Care
  • Vanessa Sharkey – Individual Support, Ageing and Disability – WINNER
  • Sharleene Taylor – Business, Employability Skills and IT
English Language part and full qualification programs
  • Sue Baker
  • Lani Crooks – WINNER
  • Hong van Le
  • Marilyn Mallory
Leisure and Self Improvement short courses

With the magic of video conferencing, we were able to award Lani Crooks her award over Zoom.

Please join us in congratulating all our finalists, award winners and anniversary award recipients!

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