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Drawing Inspiration from Brush Farm House

Drawing Inspiration from Brush Farm House

Image: Winter at Brush Farm House by William Bourke

At Macquarie Community College, we believe that you should never stop learning! During retirement, William Bourke decided to take up a new hobby and commenced Drawing & Painting classes with Melissa Sloan at the College. 17 years later, William has continued to hone his artistic skills in class and regularly enters the Art Show/Competitions at the Sydney Royal Easter Show and Royal Queensland Show. He has also successfully sold his work there most years.

For the last couple of months, William has been working on his latest masterpiece with acrylic paint on paper. Inspired by a recent outdoor class at Brush Farm House, he was taken by the idea of painting the building at this unusual angle, rather than the standard front on elevation. Titled 'Winter at Brush Farm House', this painting will be showcased at the April 2021 Royal Easter Show.

William's work aims for realism, and is painstakingly built up, often with a very small brush! He typically alternates between rustic house scenes, and ferries and boats on Sydney harbour (maritime history being his other passion).

At the College, we love seeing our students' work and seeing how they continue to develop their passions. Congratulations on your success William! We look forward to seeing many more paintings from you in the future.

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