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2021 Staff Recognition Awards

2021 Staff Recognition Awards

Photo: [Top] Larissa Koroleva (Tai Chi & Qigong), Stuart Bastock (Head of RTO), Diann Stoeckl (Dressmaking), Mohamed Emam (onscreen – Guitar). [2nd] Stuart Bastock (Head of RTO), Jas Khanooja (Individual Support), Magda Rosandi (Childcare), Nick Wang (onscreen – Business and Computing). [3rd] Ron Widman (Dancing) speech. [4th] Minni Jacobs (Customer Service), Ahmed Abdulwahab (Corporate Services), Nicole Scott-Broudou (Gateway Community High), MCC Staff (onscreen).  [Bottom] Theresa Collignon (CEO), Stuart Bastock (Head of RTO), Junyao Li (English), Hongvan Le (English), Maria Griga (English) Stephen Wells (MCC Board).

This week we held a Covid-safe event for our Anniversary Awards, Teaching Excellence Awards and Staff Excellence Awards. With the easing of restrictions and the magic of video conferencing, we were able to award many of our recipients with their awards at our in-person event as well as over Zoom.

We celebrated the amazing efforts that our teachers and staff have gone to this year, in order to bring quality training to our students in another year of constant change. Congratulations to all our finalists, award winners and anniversary award recipients!

Anniversary Awards

With a combined experience of 210 years at MCC, we would like to celebrate the commitment and dedication of the following people in the MCC Team. 

30 years
25 years
20 years
10 years
5 Years

2021 MCC Teaching Excellence Awards

The 2021 Awards recognise the excellence and exceptional performance of our teaching staff in yet another year of unprecedented change and challenge in each of our program delivery areas:

Nominations were based on:

  • Demonstrating the values of the College
  • Contribution to the success of the College
  • Supporting student engagement and outcomes
  • Available feedback from students, staff and other stakeholders
  • Examples of going above and beyond the expectations of the role
  • Examples of flexibility and resilience in meeting the exceptional challenges of 2021

We received a great response to this year’s nominations process – a terrific cross section of nominees across our diverse program areas, teaching locations and time (1 – 20+ years) with the College.

After a challenging selection process, we are very pleased to announce the finalists and winners of the Teaching Excellence Awards:

Vocational Education and Training qualification programs
English Language part and full qualification programs
  • Junyao Li – WINNER
  • Hongvan Le
  • Maria Griga
Leisure and Self Improvement short courses

2021 MCC Staff Excellence Awards

We were also pleased to be able to announce the winners of our MCC Staff Excellence Awards for 2021.

We had many nominations and it was so great to hear from colleagues about the great work our staff have been doing. The winners of this year’s awards are:

  • Ahmed Abdulwahab – Corporate Services Team
  • Daya Mijovic – Programs Team
  • Jenny Tong – Customer Service Team
  • Minni Jacobs – Customer Service Team
  • Murray Gibbs – Sales Team
  • Nicole Scott-Broudou – Gateway Community High Team
  • Peta Iken – Customer Service and Programs Teams
  • Stephanie McLanders – RTO Admin Team

Please join us in congratulating all our finalists, award winners and anniversary award recipients!

Visit our Facebook page for all the photos.

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