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Term 3 Catalogue Out Now - over 20 new courses to try!

Term 3 Catalogue Out Now – over 20 new courses to try!

The Term 3 Catalogue for Macquarie Community College is out now! There's over 20 new courses to try this term, plus all your favourites are back. Check out what's on offer in Term 3 today!

Try one of our new courses – here's a taste of what's on offer:

  • Evening Eye Makeup Workshop: Learn some versatile evening eye makeup techniques in this fun 3hr group workshop. Feel confident creating a smoky eye in the right shades to suit your eye colour and learn to put false lashes on. We will design an evening eye makeup look just for you.
  • The Art of Carving and Garnishing Fruit and Vegetables: Learn to present your food in a visually appealing, creative and appetizing way. This unique course is for anyone who is interested to learn the skills and techniques to create beautifully carved fruit and vegetable centrepieces. You will learn how to use a knife to safely carve out different shapes such as leaves, roses, lillies, swans and fruit baskets.
  • So You Want to Write a Novel?: Award-winning fiction author, Paula Roe, will not only cover the creative stuff (genre, plot, characters, conflict) but also the big-picture things (indie or traditional publishing, the business of writing, social media, marketing and agents) plus how to stay motivated in the face of rejection.
  • Design Skills for Entrepreneurs: It’s important to stand out from the competition, especially in the digital world. The way you present your business across your website, social media platforms as well as in printed material, effects the way people perceive your brand. Having well designed marketing materials to promote your service or product will help you showcase your brand and business professionally and consistently.
  • Growth Academy for Creative Entrepreneurs: You will be introduced to basic design skills using industry standard software or online tools to ensure you have control over the presentation of your brand. During the course, you will develop a marketing plan, including a basic social media plan and content schedule as well as marketing material such as flyers and ebooks. We will review your current website, website copy and imagery to ensure it is effective and targeted.
  • Introduction to Wine Appreciation: Expand your knowledge of wine whilst learning the basics of wine tasting and appreciation. This 2 hour wine tasting course will awaken your senses and help you understand how to assess and appreciate wine. You will learn about different varieties of white and red wine, what each wine should taste like, its history and style.
  • Tech Savvy Seniors – Introduction to Transport Apps: Travel apps help change all this by making getting around by car and on public transport much easier, faster and potentially cheaper. You can think of an app as your personal travel agent.
  • How to Practice Mindfulness in Your Daily Life: Learn how to practice Mindfulness and how you can use the building blocks of Mindfulness to fully pay attention to what is happening in the ‘here and now’, instead of focusing in the past or future predictions. You will learn how to relate directly to whatever is happening in your life and be in charge of your own life better.
  • Get Organised, Get Writing: Award-winning fiction author, Paula Roe, will take you through goal setting using the SMART method to achieve your writing needs: we will discuss what you want to write and how to plan it into your day, how to write effective goals to get words on the page, which writing methods are best for you, and how to avoid getting derailed with everyday life interruptions.
  • New bushwalks: Join our expert bushwalking guide and discover new hikes this term. We will take you along an Indigenous Path, through the Awaba-Wangi Rail Corridor, around Quorrobolong to Macleans Lookout, as well as exploring the Lapstone Tramway and Zig Zag Railway. Try them all at a discounted rate with the Sunday Adventure Walks Package.

Find out more about all the courses on offer by visiting our website, downloading the Term 3 catalogue or calling us today on 1300 845 888.