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2021 Staff Recognition Awards

2022 Staff Recognition Awards

Photo: [Top] Susie Steele (Business & LSI ), Yasmin Talib (Child Care ), Laila Kaawi (Aged Care). [2nd] Pilar Betanzos Alonso (Spanish), Heidi Urban (MCC Board). [3rd] [Top] Payal Bhargava (Crochet), Susie Steele (Business & LSI ), Jodie McDonald (Business), Titik Wong (Aquafitness), Bernie Petersen (Yoga), Elizabeth Smyth (Business Lead Trainer),[Bottom] Tenneile Pintabona (Early Childhood and Care), Wendy Chan (MCC Board Director), Heidi Urban (MCC Board).

This week we held our Staff Recognition event – this event celebrates our great team members who are recipients of Anniversary Awards, Teaching Excellence Awards and Staff Excellence Awards.

It has been another year of achievement for the Community College – and all of our team members have again worked collaboratively to ensure that we create and delivered quality, inclusive learning opportunities to our students in another year of constant change.

Congratulations to all our finalists, award winners and anniversary award recipients!

Anniversary Awards

Each year we recognise our Anniversary Award recipients who are celebrated for reaching a 5-year milestone of being a part of the College team. This year we thanked staff who have been empowering our students through learning and connection form 5 to an amazing 35 years!

With a combined and collective experience of more than 200 years as part of MCC, we would like to celebrate the commitment and dedication of the following team members: 

35 Years

25 years

20 years

15 years

10 years

5 Years

2022 MCC Teaching Excellence Awards

The 2022 Awards recognise the excellence and exceptional performance of our teaching staff in yet another year of unprecedented change and challenge in each of our program delivery areas:

Nominations were based on:

  • Demonstrating the values of Macquarie Community College
  • Contribution to the success and reputation of the College
  • Recruitment, Retention, Progression and Completion of students
  • Available feedback from students, colleagues and other stakeholders
  • Examples of going above and beyond the expectations of the role
  • Examples of innovation and flexibility in meeting challenges and change

We received a great response to this year’s nominations process – a terrific cross section of nominees across our diverse program areas, teaching locations and time (1 – 20+ years) with the College.

After a challenging selection process, we are very pleased to announce the finalists and winners of the Teaching Excellence Awards:

Vocational Education and Training qualification programs

Career Training – Vocational Education and Training (VET)

Language, Literacy, Numeracy (LLN) and Foundations Skills (VET)

  • Ginny Gu
  • Jolanta Mazurek – WINNER
  • Sue Baker

Leisure and Self Improvement short courses

Gateway Community High

  • Emma Marshall – Learning Support – WINNER

2022 Staff Excellence Awards

We were also pleased to be able to announce the winners of our MCC Staff Excellence Awards

Staff Excellence Award Winners

  • Adam Nashat – Corporate Services team
  • Belinda Sallustio – Gateway Community High
  • Chantal Neville – Sales and Service team
  • Charlotte Young – Customer Service team
  • Cindy McPherson – Customer Service team
  • Lisa Berrahal – Training Admin team
  • Melanie Rees – Training Admin team
  • Peta Iken – Customer Service team
  • Sue Bryant – Programs Team

Please join us in congratulating all our finalists, award winners and anniversary award recipients!