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Creativity - Is It Missing From Your Life?

Creativity – Is It Missing From Your Life?

Creativity is not as big a deal as most people make it out to be. You don’t have to ‘be creative’ to be creative. It’s not a ‘talent’ that you must possess before you’re allowed to practice it. As folksinger and author of Uplevel YOU Christine Kane says, “It doesn’t so much happen, as it is allowed. It comes out slowly.”

To explain how to become more creative, she tells the story of how she first found her dog. She was walking in the countryside one day and saw this dog watching her from an old churchyard where it appeared to have been dumped. The dog was timid and Christine realised it was afraid of her. It had probably been abused. Whenever Christine walked towards the dog, it would tuck its tail between its legs and turn away. But as soon as Christine turned around and moved on her own way, the dog would follow her. With this in mind she continued slowly towards home, allowing the dog to get closer and closer until it eventually followed her all the way home.

Like creativity, you can’t turn around and watch it too closely or attempt to catch it. “It’s a process. It’s slow. Creativity is a way of being, and though it can’t be forced, it can be cultivated and allowed,” says Christine.

“My theory is that when we cling to our vices, when we do unhealthy things that we adamantly say we deserve, what we are really trying to do is give ourselves what we keep denying ourselves – a fully creative and artful life.” 21 ways to be more creative.

Why not start your journey towards creativity today and explore one of Macquarie Colleges variety of Arts & Craft courses?

1. Drawing and painting: What’s kind of painting are you interested in? Our tutors can teach you at any level of drawing and painting, whether oils, watercolour, drawing, modern art acrylics, Korean brush painting, abstract painting, or landscapes.

2. Floral art: Flower arranging is made easy and fun in our courses. Learn about the simple beauty of seasonal blooms and produce designs to stimulate your innate creativity from contemporary to vintage.

3. Pottery: Handcrafted earthenware is timeless and personal. You’ll learn how to use a wheel or hand build useful items in this 8 session course.

4. Calligraphy: The ancient art of calligraphy is the perfect way to personalise your project and show that you care. Persian Hand, Copperplate, or Medieval Gothic, if you’re a beginner, don’t get yourself into an inky mess! Discover the relationship between nib and line and move on to different script writing techniques. Or if you are a looking to do a project and need a refresher, our tutor will help you formulate your calligraphy project, from layout to design.

5. Folk and decorative art: Beginners to advanced training are offered over eight sessions. You’ll learn the techniques of folk art, peasant painting, and American decorative art on wood, canvas or furniture.

6. Fashion and sewing: Whatever you’re wanting to sew, we can help you. Whether it’s dressmaking – basic and intermediate, needlecraft, patchwork, quilting and applique, sewing basics and beyond, sewing essentials for dressmaking, crochet – beginners and continuing, taming your overlocker, t-shirts and casual knit tops, dressmaking mentoring for HSC students, or pattern making.

7. Creative writing: Do you want to start your own blog? Or maybe write poetry, a memoir, short story or novel? These classes will provide support and everything you need to know about self-publishing as you embark on your next creative writing project.

8. Jewellery: In this silver jewellery workshop, learn traditional techniques such as saw-piercing, ring making and soldering while you create a piece of jewellery of your own design.

Call 1300 845 888 or browse our arts and crafts courses to see how you can begin your new creative life today. Macquarie College venues are based around Sydney, Carlingford, Eastwood, Chatswood and the Hawkesbury.