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Term 1, 2019 Catalogue Out Now - 38 New Courses to Try!

Term 1, 2019 Catalogue Out Now – 38 New Courses to Try!

We are kicking off 2019 with a bang! Take a look at our full list of courses in the Term 1 Catalogue. All your favourites are back, such as Aqua Fitness, Pilates, Cooking, Drawing and Painting, Photography and more.

There's 38 new courses to try, so start your New Year's Resolutions today and learn something new in 2019. Here's a sample of what's new for 2019:

  • Making a Terrarium: Create a garden inside your home or office. A terrarium is a fantastic way to bring the outdoors inside! Create your own unique garden landscapes and enjoy watching it thrive.
  • Crochet: Get your hands moving and relax your mind with crochet. This term, we have courses on how to crochet toys, a summer shawl or a blanket
  • Create Chainmail or Scalemail: Learn the ancient art of weaving chainmail or scalemail. Create a beautiful and unique piece of jewellery to complement your outfits. 
  • Photography DSLR Introductory Workshop: Is Santa getting you a camera for Christmas? This workshop will teach you how to use all the camera functions, set up lighting for creative effects, composition principles, and choosing flash and lens options. 
  • Creative Writing: If you love to read and write, there's lots of creative writing courses for you this term! We have a Book Club where we will discuss the works of renowned Australian author, Ruth Park, as well as short courses on The Making of a Memoir and Writing for Children.
  • Flower Arrangement: Bring life into your home with fresh flowers! Learn how to use seasonal summer flowers or Easter themed flower arrangements to decorate your home. 
  • Lawn Bowls for Beginners: This game is unique in that it can be played on equal terms by almost anyone! Few other competitive sports can have someone play with a parent or grandparent on the same team. Learn the rules and techniques of Lawn Bowls and join in the friendship and comraderie that accompanies this great Aussie pasttime.
  • New bushwalks: This summer, our expert bushwalking guide Greg Williams is pleased to present four fabulous new full day bushwalks suitable for most fitness levels. You will visit secluded habitats, historic sites with artefacts, rich tree-lined gullies with waterfalls, cascading brooks with isolated freshwater pools. You’ll also see majestic rock formations from atop awe-inspiring lookouts. Join all four bush walks at a discounted price, or book events separately.
  • Bridge Basics for Beginners: Establish yourself as a cardshark by learning all the ins and outs of the game of Bridge. You will understand how to evaluate your hand, bid in suits or no trump contracts, play defence and work in partnership. 
  • Communication skills: Our courses in Rapport Building and Emotional Intelligence will set you apart from the rest of the pack at work and will help you develop good personal relationships.
  • Fitness and Sports: You don't need to spend money on expensive equipment or gym passes. Learn to Exercise Anywhere in our short course, as well as how to Run Without Injury.
  • Learn to Massage: Learn massage techniques to help alleviate common ailments, stress, muscle tension and improve circulation.
  • Discover Your Life Direction: The New Year is a great time to start evaluating your goals and direction in life. This course will help you work through specific questions and exercises to help you develop an action plan to achieving your life goals.

Find out more about all the courses on offer by visiting our website, downloading the Term 1 catalogue or calling us today on 1300 845 888.